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Write approx. 150 words on the following topic

'What  are the advantages and disadvantages of having children when  you are  young  and having them when you are over thirty? 


 Use the table below to organize your writing
Reasons for having children when you are very young 




Reasons against having children when you are very young




Reasons for having children later




Reasons for not having children later




You can use some of the  language below to help you

You are fitter

You have more energy to play games with them 

You are closer to your children's age and can understand them better

You don't have  a well-paid job

You are working and studying and are very tired

You are too busy getting an education

You are more mature

You have a better paid job now

You are  more ready to accept responsibility

You don't have so much energy

Your job is important but you maybe too busy 

You may have responsibility to older parents too.

Join your sentences with expressions like these (but not all of them!) 

Firstly, however, in addition, on the other hand, in contrast, Over all I prefer ing to .ing, ,furthermore, finally, in conclusion, although, but, whereas, Id rather..

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