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Write approx. 150 words on the following topic

'What  are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone or with your friends/family 


 Use the table below to organize your writing
Advantages of travelling alone 



Disadvantages of travelling alone




Advantages of travelling with friends/family




Disadvantages of travelling with family/friends




Use some of the language below to help you

You can choose how long you stay in one place

You can do exactly what you want to do

Other people will speak to you

You may feel more lonely

You will not feel so safe sometimes

You can share jokes and experiences

You feel safer 

It is less expensive

You don't make contact with other people so easily if you are in a big group

You may have a lot of responsibilities if you are in charge of the group

Join your sentences with expressions like these (but not all of them!) 

Firstly, however, in addition, on the other hand, in contrast, Over all I prefer ing to .ing, ,furthermore, finally, in conclusion, although, but, whereas, Id rather..

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