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Instructions for using re-sit materials

These pages are to help you practice for your re-sit writing exam. By using the materials you can practice writing the kind of topic that you will  write for the final exam.

1. Choose a writing topic. You will find a page with a table on it and some helpful language for that topic. Print that page.

2. Read the title carefully and use the table to write your ideas and to plan your writing.

3. Look at the suggested  language and see where you can put some of it into your writing.

4.Now you are ready to write. You have a choice. You can do your writing on a piece of paper and put it on your teacher's desk. (With your name on it!) Or, if Norma Innes is your teacher, you can click on the page and send your writing directly by email. This facility will not work from inside ADMC, but is useful if you want to send writing from home. You can of course write on a Word document and e-mail it as an attachment.


Good luck with the re-sit. Remember to write in paragraphs. Remember to use linking words. Check for your most common mistakes and make sure you answer the question!!