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(Write 120-150 words)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a high-rise apartment or a villa?

Complete the following tables as a guide to help you write



High-rise Apartment








You can use the following language in your writing

A better view of the city

You have more access to facilities in the city

More difficult to park near your home

More dangerous if there’s a fire

Noisier, children, parties in your block.

More peaceful in the garden

More chance to know your neighbours

Easier to park your car

Easier to take your shopping inside

More chance to be close to nature (hear birds singing, flowers, trees etc.)

Join your sentences with expressions like these

Firstly, however, in addition, on the other hand, in contrast, Over all I prefer …ing, , furthermore, finally, in conclusion, although, but, whereas, I’d rather

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