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3116 Re-sit pack3         (Write between  approx. 150 words)

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying and working at the same time?

Use the table below to help you plan your work  




Studying and working







Studying without working








You can use the following language to help you

Less time to study

You can earn money to support your family

You are more tired and it is more difficult to concentrate

You have less time to study outside classes

You can use your English/computing in your job and improve

You become a more responsible person

Your interests are wider and you understand more about the working world

You see less of your family  

Join your sentences with expressions like these (but not all of them!) 

Firstly, however, in addition, on the other hand, in contrast, Over all I prefer ing to .ing, ,furthermore, finally, in conclusion, although, but, whereas, Id rather..

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