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3116 Re-take pack 5. Write 120 150 words 

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile  phones?   

Use the table below to plan your answer.  

Advantages of mobile phones

Disadvantages of Mobile phones








 You can use the language below to help you when you write 

You can contact your friends easily

You can get help if there is an accident or your car breaks down

You can contact family more easily if you are late

You can carry it round with you at all times

People forget to switch off their phones and they ring at the wrong time.

People ring for silly reasons

They create air pollution  

They may be dangerous for health.

It is safer for girls to be outside the family if they have a mobile 

Join your sentences with expressions like these 

Firstly, however, in addition, on the other hand, in contrast, Over all, I prefer ing to,  furthermore, finally, in conclusion, Id rather, on the whole..

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