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Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Print this  page and then choose the correct form of the verb to complete the passage.

Sam is a young man aged twenty three. He works /is working as a technician in a company which specialises in W.A.P. technology. He spends/ is spending his time on a Help-line to customers who  are having problems with their phones ,or with the Internet. He helps/is helping them to solve their problems and patiently explains to them what they should do to make everything work. He loves/ is loving his job, but  finds the hours a problem. You see, he lives in England and his customers are in America. Sam starts/is starting work at 2p.m. or even 5 p.m. every day because of the time difference between the two countries. This means that when his friends think /are thinking of the end of the working day, Sam cycles / is cycling to start his work. When they plan/ are planning to go out for the evening, he still has a long time to work before he can finish. When his friends are have/are having their mid- morning break, Sam sleeps/is  sleeping. Although the hours are strange, Sam enjoys/is enjoying  his job and the company of the other guys in his office.  They share/ are sharing a lot of jokes together and take it in turns to go out and buy burgers and cokes when they are hungry. He cycles/ is cycling to work, because this is very healthy and also very cheap. There are no buses late at night when he wants to go home and he hasn't got a car. One big problem for Sam is that his girl friend is living/lives in London at the moment so they only meet/ are meeting at the weekend. When he gets home late at night, he relaxes/is relaxing before he goes/is going to bed, How does he relax? Well he  spends an hour or so on his computer!

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