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win, lose, professionals, train, beat, play, score.

"I love football. I don't just like to watch it. I like to play too, I belong to a team. Of course it's not my job, we are amateurs and not professionals  Not many people come to watch, sometimes there are more players than spectators We practise together every Wednesday evening to prepare and keep fit. We are quite a good team and we win most matches. We only lose a few. I play in the attack position. Our next match is against a good team, but I hope we will beat them and that I will score several goals. Please some and watch, you don't need a ticket."

special, bounce, lane, strike, favourite, accurate, pins

"My favourite sport is bowling and I play in a team with three of my friends. Every Tuesday we rent a lane at the local Bowling Centre and practise. This doesn't really keep us fit, but it helps us to get more accurate and of course it is great fun.  We have to wear special shoes on the lanes so that they don't get black marks on the floor. People don't realise that Bowling is an international sport and is very popular in USA and Australia.  I take the sport seriously and get angry when people try to bounce the bowls or do other stupid things. It is a great feeling when all the pins fall at once, this is called a strike"

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