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        Tiger Woods was born on December 30th 1975, in Cypress California. His mother was from Thailand and his father was an American soldier who loved to play golf. As a very young child, Tiger watched his father practice his shots and by the time he was three years old, he was a good player himself. In 1991 he became the youngest junior champion. In November 1996 at the age of 21 be became a professional player and within six months he had beaten the worlds' best players and won the US Masters. He is very important because he was the first black golfer to win a major tournament. Also he is very young and good looking. He will attract many other young people to the sport.  Golf commentator Jeff Banks says " Tiger Woods hits the ball harder than anyone else. He's young and good looking and so millions of kids are going to want to take up golf now, and they're all going to want to play like Tiger Woods." Tiger's hold on the Official World Golf Ranking reached new heights this week. (June 16th 2001) Tiger has now been the no. 1 ranked Golfer in the World for 97 weeks.                                                                          

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper 

1) His father

a) wanted Tiger to study very hard at school

b) was a businessman

c) was a keen golfer

4)Many young people will want to play golf because

a) It's a serious sport

b) They want to play like Tiger Woods

c) Their fathers are keen golfers

2) Tiger became a professional when he was

a) Three years old

b) Sixteen years old

c) Twenty one years old

5)Now Tiger has been the number 1 golfer for

a) Ten years

b) Nearly two years

c) Six months

3) In 1991

a) He became professional

b) He won the USA Masters

c) He became the youngest junior champion

6)Tiger was born in

a) Thailand

b) California

c) Scotland

Make a note of your answers and click here to check them