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    ??????CONFUSING WORDS??????   

 Choose the correct word or complete the word in the sentences below.

  1. The boy’s mother told him to be very sensitive/sensible when he crossed the busy road.
  2.  The truck company ordered the driver/chauffeur to take rest as he had already driven for six hours without stopping.
  3. “Look out, can you see over their/there is a huge wave coming towards us!” 
  4. When she decided to cook falafel she took out her recipe/receipt book.
  5. Beside/besides telling them to do homework, the teacher also gave them a test.
  6. When he bought his new car, he decided to lend/borrow some money from the bank.
  1. He became Oxford University’s youngest teacher/professor at the age of thirty, when he took the chair in Chemistry.
  2. The film made us laugh so much we nearly cried; it was a very f………… film.
  3. He was a stranger/foreigner to London, although he had been born only fifty miles away, he had never been there before.
  4.  The school organized a meeting/reunion for all the students who had been there in the year that it opened.
  5. Alexander Fleming discovered/invented penicillin.
  6. I like to bathe/bath in the sea early in the morning.
  7. When I arrived in Abu Dhabi I often felt very alone/lonely.
  8. If someone claps their hands together in front of our face, you automatically wink/blink. This is called an involuntary movement.
 When you buy something expensive, like a TV. or microwave, it is a good idea to keep the r………………… in case you have any problems with it.

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