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*Print this page and answer the questions on paper*

1)The Amish people originally came from

a. USA

b. Pennsylvania

c. Europe

d. Nobody knows


4)Children leave school at 13 or 14 because

a) They have to work on the farm

b) They aren't very clever

c) The Amish don't believe in higher education

d) They don't want to stay at school

2) Amish women must

a. Cut their hair very often

b. Make their hair very curly

c. Cover their hair most of the time

d. Not cut their hair

5) For transport, they use

a. Tractors

b. They always walk

c. Horses

d. Cars

3)   Single Amish men mustn't

a) Grow beards

b) Keep things in their pockets

c) Wear trousers

d) Shave

6)The most important thing for the Amish is

a) Meeting their neighbours

b) Making lots of rules

c) Family

d) Having a good time

Make a note of your answers. Then click here to see if you are  right