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Read the following text and answer the questions

The Amish live in Pennsylvania USA. They came from Germany and Switzerland more than 250 years ago. Although they live just 240km. from New York, their lifestyle hasn't changed since they first arrived. They do not believe in technology such as TV or faxes and computers. They think that all these things have destroyed family life and community. They live by very strict rules which they all have to follow. They can't use electricity so they have to use oil lamps to light their houses. They use horses for transport because they aren't allowed to drive cars or tractors. Amish women have to cover their heads and are not allowed to cut or curl their hair. They can't wear buttons or jewellery or wedding rings. The men can't have pockets on their shirts or belts on their trousers. Single men can't have beards . Children leave school at 13 or 14 because the Amish don't believe in higher education. For the Amish, family is the most important thing and everybody helps their neighbour.

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