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Answers on Goha and his son

1.   In the story, the writer is trying to 

a.    explain the problems of having a donkey

b.    show how difficult it is to travel with your son

c.     teach the donkey a lesson

d.    to make a serious point in an amusing way 


2.  Goha is

a.    a very stupid man

b.    wiser than he appears

c.     more stupid than he appears

d.    not wise at all


3.  At the beginning of the story, Goha’s son is

a.    over confident

b.    proud

c.     shy and insecure

d.    foolish


4.   Goha is trying to

a.    show his son how to ride a donkey

b.    show his neighbours that he doesn’t like them

c.     teach his son something about people

d.    show the donkey that he is the master


5.   The moral of this story is

a.    You can never please anybody

b.    People will always laugh at you

c.     Nobody is interested in other people

d.    You can never please all of the people all of the time.