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What do you know about eyes?

Each paragraph has a sentence missing. Read the missing sentences and write the number of the paragraph that it should be in.


1.But when we donít like something, they become smaller.  para. 3
2.Many people believe that blue eyes are more delicate than brown eyes. para. 1
3.Pictures in the pyramids show that both men and wo men used it. para. 4
4.The lens focuses the light onto the retina at the back of the eye. para. 2
5.We feel embarrassed if strangers look into our eyes too closely para. 5

Try to answer these questions

1.        Why are brown eyes more common in hotter parts of the world?

Blue eyes are more sensitive to light and are more common in countries which don't have long periods of strong light.

2.        Why does our eyesight get worse as we get older?

The muscles in the eye weaken (get weaker)

3.        Why are our eyes so important to us?

We receive 80% of our information about the world through them

4.        How do someoneís eyes show whether they like something?    

The pupils dilate    

Now label the diagram with these words. What is each part of the eye for?



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