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Print this page and complete the worksheet

Write down the correct comparatives for the following

e.g. difficult more difficult
1. dark
2. modern
3. bad
4. delicious
5. far                                            Click to check

Use the following words to make comparative sentences (See if you can find two or more ways to do this!)

e.g. My room/untidy/yours My room is more untidy than yours./My room is less tidy than yours/My room is not as tidy as yours.
1.Your teacher/helpful /mine
2. English/difficult to learn/Chinese
3.Biscuits/not good for your health/fresh fruit.
3. Living in a village/fun/living in a town.
4. Claudia/good at meeting people/Paula.
5. Kia Sportage/expensive to run/Toyota Landcruiser.                                             Click to check