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Mohammed Bin Sulayem

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I find the majority of people I meet are extremely polite and courteous, in this part of the world. There is a tradition in the  Arab World of what night be called ‘old-fashioned’ good manners whenever people meet, face-to-face, and exchange greetings.  ‘Respect’ for others is a major part of the Arab Culture and we are not alone in the way we bring up our children to  behave, in showing respect to others, as this is part of the culture of most countries and societies throughout the planet.  So, it really saddens me when I see these  traditional values being abandoned and ignored when some people get behind the wheel of a car. Good manners are replaced by arrogant behavior and that means being totally self-centred and having no regard for other road users. You know the type of thing I mean-driving down the outside of a line of  vehicles waiting at a U-turn and then cutting in at the front or pushing into a line of traffic from a side road with no regard to other approaching vehicles or exiting a roundabout from the inside lane by cutting across other vehicles. These are  the typical examples of the arrogant driver who has left his good manners at homWorlds fastest landcruiser.jpg (50928 bytes)e or in office.

The phenomenon of Road Rage is a well-known driving hazard in the States and in Europe and is regularly reported in  the media. One recent case that shocked America was when a 41 year old professional doctor stopped his car, after he claimed he had been annoyed, and punched the 71 year old lady driver of the ‘offending’ vehicle in the face!  Then there was the case in UK on the M25 when a career criminal was extradited from Spain to be convicted of  manslaughter after he had stabbed and killed another driver.

  Safe driving is all about keeping your cool. I stay cool even when driving my rally car at speeds that get my adrenaline flowing at record levels! Because I know that if I didn’t I might indulge in rash maneuvers that could put my co-driver and  me in hospital for a long, long time. There is no place on our crowded roads and highways for rash and inconsiderate behavior and I applaud the police for  all the safety campaigns that reward sensible and careful and considerate drives. These campaigns help to spread the message that good manners must be shown at all times, not only at home and in the office, but in the car as well.

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