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Complete the sentences. (Choose the correct verb form)

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1. As I came/was coming to College, I had/was having a traffic accident.
2. How fast were you driving/did you drive when you  had/were having the accident?
3. I wasn't going/didn't go fast at all. I was/was being stationary!
4. Then what happened/was happening?
 5. I was sitting/sat at the traffic light when a Landcruiser was crashing/crashed into the back of me.
 6.Why didn't you tell me/weren't you telling me that it was/was being your birthday?
 7.I  took /was taking a picture of the camels while they raced/were racing round the track.
8. We watched/were watching T.V. when the lights went/were going out.
9 .I was having/had a shower when the telephone suddenly was ringing/rang.
10.While  I looked/was looking out of the window I saw/was seeing a the sun rise over the Gulf.

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