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Which Holiday?

Look at the pictures and read the article about each place. Decide which article goes with each picture.             

Which place would you choose? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?




1)In this place you can relax on the beach for as long as you wish. You will have lots of sunshine and the blue sea and shimmering white sand will welcome you. Prices are cheap and tropical food is plentiful. Florida is famous for its scenery and its climate. You can eat tropical menus prepared by international chefs or you can  treat your children to typical American burgers and fries. The choice is yours. Be careful when travelling,  don't stop to help any one who looks as though they are having problems with their car, don't give anyone a lift and keep your eye on your valuables at all times! Then you will have the perfect holiday! 2)If you want to have a city holiday then the Big Apple is for you! Her you can stay in luxury accommodation, visit museums and art galleries that have the finest exhibits in the world. You can find every kind of food that you would want to eat. Try a typical American sandwich and see if you have room to eat anything else! Here a sandwich is definitely a meal!

When you are not shopping or looking at famous sights you  can walk through Central Park and watch the world go by. Don't walk here after dark of course, and always keep your valuables close by you. Make sure that you stay in areas where you know there is good security. Enjoy yourself!

3)Here you can have a really traditional holiday where you can spend time in may different ways. Firstly Brighton is a seaside resort on the south coast of England. You can see historical buildings such as the Brighton Pavilion, which you can see in the picture. This was built more than two hundred years ago and inside it you can find a collection of beautiful paintings and  see design that will take your breath away. In addition you can go shopping in the Shambles, an old part of Brighton which has exclusive small shops  where you can buy things you won't find in other places. The weather may not be perfect, take an umbrella. The sea will definitely be too cold for you to swim in and  England is not cheap!

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Now choose two of  the places and write an answer to the following question

Compare and contrast two holiday places. Say why you would like to go to both of them, but also say why you would choose just one and what you would like to do there.

Here is a table to help you plan what you write

Holiday Place

1) 2)
















Write between 125 and 150 words