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A customer's complaint

Shops are full of attractive things to buy these days, but what are we actually paying for? I recently bought a large packet of chocolate biscuits of a brand I hadn't tried before. When I opened it, I found each was wrapped individually in silver paper and then packed in a strong cardboard box, which was in turn wrapped in plastic! By the time I had actually got at the biscuits, the table was covered in paper and I wasn't hungry any more. (This was probably was well as there were only eight biscuits in the packet)

And children's toys are even worse. It was my three-year old son's birthday last week and at first he was excited to see so many presents all for him! But at the end of the party, when he had finally got through all the wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and plastic bags that they came in, he was too tired to play with any of them. Some of them were so well-wrapped that he never did mange to open them and when I tried to do it for him, I broke my fingernails. I hate to think of the amount of money all of this costs - and who ends up paying? The customer, that's who!


1. What is the writer trying to do in this text?

a. complain that supermarket food is unhealthy?

b. complain that children get too many toys?

c. complain that many things are too well wrapped?

d. complain that everything is too expensive nowadays?

2. What can the reader learn from this text?

a. A large packet may not contain much food

b. It is best to buy food of a well-known brand

c. It is important to keep food clean and dry

d. Some food should not be given to very young children.

3. How did the writer's child feel at the end of his birthday party?

a. He was disappointed with his presents.

b. He was looking forward to playing with his presents.

c. He was tired and  uninterested in his presents.

d. He was excited about his presents.

4. How did the writer break her fingernails?

a. playing with her son?

b. clearing away the rubbish?

c. opening a parcel?

d. mending a broken toy?

5. Which statement would the writer agree with?

a. I think some packing is very dangerous for young children

b. I like unwrapping things - it is always nice to get a surprise.

c. I think that buying special paper to wrap presents in is  a waste of money.

d. I'd rather buy things which don't have much packaging

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