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What is PET writing????

You will always have to write a letter of about 100 words. The question will tell you

  • Your situation

  • Who you are writing to

  • Why you are writing

  • What you have to say

Sometimes there are notes or a picture or even a map to help you. The beginning of the letter is always provided. DON'T copy it - just continue the writing.
  1. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY -half the marks are given for answering the question!!!!
  2. PLAN YOUR ANSWER BEFORE YOU START WRITING -even if you write just a few words to decide how you will start, what you will say and how you will finish. Use writing time to think about language not to plan!!
  3. DO NOT WRITE IN ROUGH FIRST -you may run out of time and not complete your letter.
  4. WRITE IN PARAGRAPHS -a mark is taken off for letters of only one paragraph. Do not throw this mark away!
  5.  CHECK INSTRUCTIONS A SECOND TIME -make sure you are answering the question asked. Make sure you are answering all parts of the question.
  6. WHEN YOU FINISH -CHECK FOR MISTAKES YOU COMMONLY MAKE (Only you know what these might be!!)