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Personal Space Reading Practice

More and more people live in large cities these days and this means that it is becoming more and more difficult to find space and time for ourselves. But for many people, personal privacy is very important. In many homes, a few minutes in the bathroom is all the privacy that is available. 

Teenagers especially need their own personal space at home where they can feel relaxed and private. But, of course, not all teenagers are lucky enough to have a room of their own. When space is short, they often have to share a bedroom with a brother or a sister. In that case, it's good sense for them to have a special area or corner in that room to keep their personal things. This may or may not be a tidy place and it is not a good idea for parents to try to tell their kids how to organise this area as this is sure to lead to arguments. Parents can however  make sure that there are enough storage spaces such as shelves, cupboards and boxes. This will enable the teenager to keep the space tidy if they really want to.

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