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This vocabulary will help you to understand the story
fed up =bored
robber/bandit =words used to describe someone who steals from other people.
commit =verb used in place of 'do' for a crime e.g. to commit murder; to commit  a crime.
chop  =to cut into small pieces e.g. chop wood
disguise =something you wear so that people cannot tell who you are! e.g. a mask
deny =to defend yourself against an accusation e.g. "I didn't do it. I am innocent"
guilty =guilty of a crime= opposite of innocent

Tick one of the boxes to show if the following statements are true (T); false (F); or if there is no information (NI).

  T F NI
1. Charley Bolton became a bandit because he was bored with his life.      
2.He made a great fortune from his crimes      
3. He sent the money to his wife and children.      
4. He was an unusual criminal.      
5. He never fired a shot in any of his robberies.      

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