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Here are the answers

1. The parcels were delivered to the wrong address.

 The postman delivered the parcels to the wrong address. .

2. The new building will be opened by the Ambassador. 

 The Ambassador will open the new building, .

3  Seats must be booked on the coach

  You must book seats on the coach. 

4. They will finish the building in May.

  The building will be finished in May.                       

5. He bought the new car in Germany.

  The new car was bought in Germany (by him).

6. The mechanic has fixed the problem.

 The problem has been fixed by the mechanic.

The car is being repaired in Musafa

 They are repairing the car in Musafa,

8. We eat dates every day.

  Dates are eaten every day.

9.A student has found the missing calculator

  The missing calculator has been found by a student.

10.They will build a bridge across the harbour.

   A bridge will be built across the harbour.