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  Write about the advantages and disadvantages for young people living in the country or the town.    

Read the text below and look at the words in italics. They are linking words which join ideas together and help organise your writing. After you read it, answer the questions below.

  I would like to write about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the country and the town. I live in the country so I will start with a description of that. 

First of all, in the country the air is clean and there is no pollution, as a result it is a healthier place for young children. They can also play outside safely and parents donít have to worry about the traffic. Moreover in the country it is peaceful and you can find natural things like the sound of birds and the smell of flowers and plants. 

On the other hand it can be boring in the country and if children want to do things in the town, like ice-skating or going to the cinema, their parents have to drive them. Added to this, it may be more difficult to find the best school in the country. 

The town has many advantages. There are facilities for all young people such as coffee shops, shopping centers and cinemas. In contrast to the country, it is never boring there, because there are many things to do. 

However towns do have a lot of traffic, which causes pollution. In addition, towns and cities are impersonal places where it is more difficult to make friends and people can feel lonely there. 

In conclusion, there are many good things about both places, but on the whole I prefer living in the country where I can relax and stay away from the traffic and pressures of the city.

Print this page and answer the questions below

How many paragraphs are there?  
Which paragraph tells us the good things about the country?  
Which paragraph explains what the writing will be about?  
Which paragraph tells us the bad things about the town?  
Which paragraph gives the writer's opinion?