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1.Your teacher/helpful /mine  Your teacher is not as helpful as mine/is more helpful than mine
2. English/difficult to learn/Chinese English is more difficult to learn than Chinese/not as difficult to learn as  Chinese.
3.Biscuits/not good for your health/fresh fruit. Biscuits are not as good for your health as fresh fruit/ worse for your health than fresh fruit.
3. Living in a village/fun/living in a town. Living in a village is more fun than living in a town/ not as much fun as living in a town.
4. Claudia/good at meeting people/Paula. Claudia is better at meeting people than Paula/Paula is not as good at meeting people as Claudia.
5. Kia Sportage/expensive to run/Toyota Landcruiser. A Kia Sportage is not as expensive to run as a Landcruiser. A Landcruiser is more expensive to run than a Kia Sportage.