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Correct the mistakes' letter.

I have been offered a job in England and I can either work at the branch in Reading or Bournemouth. Please write me a letter telling me about the two towns! I would like to know what I can do in my free time there and which has the best accommodation.

Here is the letter I wrote. there are at least twenty mistakes. Please correct them for me! Look carefully at the words written in red!

Dear John,

I write to tell you about the two place here in England. I happy to hear you have new job. How are you? Now let me tell you about the two places. They are both large towns in south of England. Reading is close to the London so you can visited there at weekend. Bournemouth is by the sea and has a very good beach and is holiday place for English families. There is no pollution in Bournemouth, but there is pollution in Reading as there are too many traffic and many traffic jams. In evening there are much thing to do in both places. There are lot of cinemas, night-clubs and theatres. Everything is closes at midnight so you canít stay up to late. There are very nice place to walk and met your friends. English has very nice parks and everywhere are green. I hope you are enjoy the new job and found it interested. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. I hope see you soon.

Yours faithfully