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Print this page and answer the questions.

Vocabulary from the text

abandoned = forgotten about, left e.g. He abandoned his car when it broke down.


arrogant= very rude and  unpleasant, doesn't thin about other people e.g. The arrogant man pushed to the front of the queue.
phenomenon= something which you can't explain, a strange happening e.g. Road Rage has become a phenomenon in the last five years. hazard=something dangerous and difficult to do e.g. Crossing the road in Hamdan street can be quite a hazard at night!
annoyed= angry e.g. I was rather annoyed when they forgot to deliver my order. manslaughter=murder by accident, without intention (as in a car crash) e.g. He was charged with manslaughter after his car killed two people.
rash= dangerous and unnecessary. e.g. It was very rash of the man to scream and yell at his neighbour's children. applaud= praise, thank someone. e.g. At the conference, the students applauded the Sheikh who had given them education.

Now answer these questions.

1. Mohammed Bin Sulayem says 'Respect' is

a. A small part of Arab Culture

b. A large part of Arab Culture

c. Not known in many other cultures

2. One example of bad road behaviour at roundabouts is when drivers

a. overtake other vehicles on the roundabout

b. don't indicate that they are turning off

c. try to exit from the inside lane, across other vehicles

3In which two countries has he heard of Road Rage?

a. UK and US

b. US and Spain

c. UK and Spain

4. How does he feel about Police safety Campaigns?

a. He thinks there should be more

b. He thinks people won't listen

c. He thinks they are a good idea

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