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Print this page and then answer the questions

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The Story of Black Bart

What is the real name of the main character in this story?


Where did he live and when did the story take place?



Use the following words to write a simple summary of the story you have read, (Remember to write in the past tense where necessary!)

Black Bart/45new life/bandit

/28 robberies/not rich/famous.

Business suit/change/bathrobe/ bag over head/ two holes for eyes.

Polite/speak softly/write poems. Never/fire/gun.

Popular/One day/bad luck.

Boy see/driver with horses/help driver/ return to coach/Bart run/ drop money bag.

Detective/handkerchief/see/laundry mark.

Find Bart/ guilty/prison 6 years.

Write your story here (You can add extra information)












What is your opinion of the main character in this story?



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